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3DMAX水流动画流体特效模拟教程 用PhoenixFD流体特效插件,来制作水流动画液体效果
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资源名称:“3DMAX水流动画流体特效模拟教程 用PhoenixFD流体特效插件,来制作水流动画液体效果”,下载地址在第二页,请在文章末尾翻到第二页下载。
3DMAX水流动画流体特效模拟教程 RedefineFX – Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX Cour

3DS MAX水流动画流体特效模拟教程 RedefineFX – Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX Course

在3DS MAX中用PhoenixFD流体特效插件,来制作水流动画液体效果

Liquid simulations are much simpler to make than they seem. In fact, just a few lessons into this course, you’ll feel comfortable running beautiful 3D water simulations that are sure to blow your clients’ minds, make a splash on Instagram & give a high-end feel to your reel. Liquid sims are used by big players like Apple in their launch trailers, to showcase waterproof ability & other extremely cool effects. You can immediately take this practical knowledge and apply it to your work, whether it’s a fountain for Archviz, water-resistance for Productviz or a slow-motion water splash for a soda commercial. I’ve used these effects to attract high-end clients and charge thousands of dollars per project & I’m teaching it all in this value-packed course



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